Go-to-Market STRATEGY

North America represents one of the largest market opportunities available. With the diversity of preferences from North to South, West to the East Coast, this market opportunity also represents a complex challenge for brands. Expanding your global brand into the North American market requires a combination of audience analysis, product-market fit, cultural context and impact-oriented strategy. Popcorn is experienced and uniquely positioned to help international brands enter, build, and expand their presence into the US and Canada.

Whether your brand has momentum and a customer base in Asia, Europe, or Australia, we’ll help zero in on key communication points, product positioning, messaging strategies and marketing plans to drive appeal to the North American market. We believe culture is a catalyst for connection, and by understanding consumer behavior we can help deliver impact against your business objectives.

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  • Translating your international business to a diverse and expansive North American market
  • Support and guidance in product positioning
  • An understanding of your customers behaviors and habits in a new market
  • Establishing a brand presence in North America
  • Increasing paid and organic traffic
  • Improving Google search rankings
  • Generating qualified leads
  • Increasing sales and ROI


  • Market expansion strategy
  • Canada and America-specific regional launch programs
  • Product positioning plan
  • Audience insight and analysis relative to these new markets
  • Multi-channel tactical support and management


  • We aim to understand your business, products, services and your historical drivers for success
  • We map your existing customer base against your potential North American customers
  • We develop a strategic plan specific to Canada/US markets, based on your business goals and a deep understanding of customer behaviors
  • We provide guidance on media planning, audience targeting and execution
  • We develop creative campaigns to drive success