East Village BIA

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East Village is nestled within the historic neighbourhoods of Hastings Sunrise and Grandview Woodlands, and its business community is served by the East Village BIA. This thriving commercial district offers a distinctive village-like atmosphere with independently owned businesses, parks, and attractions, situated to the north of bustling Hastings Street.

Services Offered

Marketing Strategy

The Objective

Popcorn’s strategic plan for EVBIA is designed to enhance East Village's digital footprint significantly, foster deeper community ties, and support local businesses through targeted, creative, and efficient digital marketing efforts. The collaboration is set to transform East Village into a more connected and digitally engaged community.

What We Did

The strategy integrated a multi-channel approach focusing on the unique identity of East Village, optimization of digital channels, and fostering community engagement. Key strategies included:

  1. Brand Persona Development: Establishing an identifiable and unique persona to convey a warm, reliable, and exciting community atmosphere.
  2. Content Strategy: Tailored content across various digital platforms such as social media, email, and the EVBIA website, with a strong emphasis on storytelling and community involvement.
  3. Channel Optimization:
    • Social Media: Leveraging Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter to engage different audience segments.
    • Email Marketing: Segmented newsletters for businesses and community members with targeted content to enhance engagement.
    • Website and Blog: Enhancing the website's role as a central information hub and using the blog for deeper engagement through articles on local events and businesses.

The execution plan detailed a robust content calendar, specific marketing campaigns, and regular performance reviews. This approach ensured that all activities were aligned with the strategic goals and could be adapted based on ongoing insights and community feedback.


The plan outlined detailed KPIs for each channel, focusing on metrics such as engagement rates, follower growth, and website traffic. Regular assessments were recommended to monitor the effectiveness of the strategies employed and make adjustments as needed.