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HARIBO, the world-renowned licorice, candy, and gummy brand, has a global presence and is recognized for its distribution of products in over 120 countries. Founded in the 1920s, the company is famous for inventing the first gummy bear, and today, it employs more than 7,000 people. Synonymous with happiness, HARIBO continues to bring joy to customers worldwide.

Services Offered

Go-to-market social media strategy, target audience & competitor Research, social media & community management, social media advertising, product activations, new product launches, influencer research, identification and management, content production, motion animations, augmented reality filters

The Objective

HARIBO was looking for a local Canadian agency partner to help understand and grow its Canadian fan base in an authentic way.

HARIBO partnered with Popcorn to develop a plan to increase product recognition, create an emotional connection with consumers, and encourage product trial.

What We Did

To expand its reach into the Canadian market, Popcorn’s strategy involved developing hyper-localized marketing campaigns, forming partnerships with influencers, employing paid media tactics, and creating custom content. Popcorn also offered advice on regulatory compliance and adapting HARIBO’s brand to incorporate Canadian cultural norms.


Popcorn has helped HARIBO develop and grow its loyal fan base across Canada from Western to Atlantic Canada. Popcorn has had the pleasure of helping HARIBO announce its 100 Years of Goldbear birthday anniversary in 2020 and explore its first foray into influencer marketing, coordinate unique experiential campaigns, launch new Haribo products specifically for the Canadian market and even test experimental AR/VR technologies to bring fun and excitement to Canadians from coast to coast.