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Samsung is a world leader and manufacturer of technology products for both individuals and businesses. One of their products is Samsung Knox, an enterprise mobile security platform for businesses.

Services Offered

Digital marketing campaign management.

The Objective

Our objective was to plan and execute a digital and social media ad campaign that would drive free account trial signups ultimately resulting in paid subscriptions.

What We Did

For this U.S.-only campaign, we set up a Google AdWords campaign and a LinkedIn campaign that targeted senior IT managers and executives from U.S. cities who make decisions concerning the technologies, systems and infrastructure used in their companies. Through testing a variety of ad creatives and copy and monitoring the campaign on a weekly basis, we were able to run the campaign very efficiently while maximizing the client’s ad budget to drive maximum conversions.


Within a 3-month campaign window, our campaign generated over 300 business sign-ups, the largest of which was a 8,000+ employee corporation that switched all their company devices from Apple to Samsung.