Virtuous Pie

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Virtuous Pie was founded in Vancouver by passionate vegan foodies, Rob Milne and his sons Ben and Alex. They wanted to provide great-tasting food that was good for our bodies and our planet. They brought these values to life by delivering a delicious range of plant-based pizza and ice cream. Virtuous Pie is out to create positive change in the world—one slice (or scoop) at a time.

Services Offered

Public relations, content creation and digital marketing management.

The Objective

Our objective was to build awareness surrounding the launch of Virtuous Pie and develop eye-catching photos.

What We Did

Popcorn worked with Virtuous Pie to build anticipation leading up to their launch. This meant reaching out to media outlets in order to secure coverage, creating an identity on social media, developing a Google marketing approach and creating content for Virtuous Pie.


We secured coverage with some of the most reputable and well-known media outlets in Vancouver including Daily Hive, The Georgia Straight, Huffington Post, CBC and The Globe & Mail. Popcorn helped grow Virtuous Pie’s following to over 30,000 on Instagram – approaching 40,000 today – and jump started their popularity. Today Virtuous Pie is a well-known restaurant in Vancouver and has expanded their locations since their initial launch.