City of Surrey

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The City of Surrey is defined by its diverse population, cultural vibrancy, and natural, breathtaking landscapes. The city showcases its appeal for residents and businesses alike, allowing it to now become one of the fastest growing municipalities in BC. With a focus on innovation and modern infrastructure, Surrey positions itself as a hub for technology, healthcare, and other modern, thriving industries.

Services Offered

Social Media Strategy, Go To Market Strategy, Brand & Communications Strategy, Strategic Marketing Partnerships, Team Management, Marketing Data & Analytics

The Objective

Surrey uses social media often as its first communication touchpoint to engage with its citizens and to inform them of its initiatives, programs, and important public information. Popcorn was tasked with evaluating Surrey’s current social media efforts and to provide recommendations in five key areas: 1. Channels, 2. Policies, 3. Advertising, 4. Engagement, and 5. Impact.

What We Did

We audited Surrey’s existing social media channels and developed a comprehensive social media strategy, standard operating procedures (SOPs) to align operations and requirements across all Surrey’s internal communication departments and partners.


Our deliverables provided the City of Surrey with comprehensive tools to run a digital and social, municipal engagement strategy:

  • A digital measurement model with the most important metrics and indicators for the City
  • A reporting dashboard to track quantitative and qualitative highlights across the organization on an ongoing basis
  • Content and brand guidelines to ensure individual business units align with the City’s goals on social media
  • Key messages and themes for all of the City’s social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)
  • A content calendar and methodology to allow the City to streamline and pre-plan its social media content at the municipal level