Founder + Managing Director
Visionary // Business Brain // Influencer // Speaker
Motto: “Exploration is the engine that drives innovation”
Likes: Craft beer and runny eggs
Dislikes: Bathroom selfies
∙ Bachelors of Business Administration graduate from Capilano University
∙ Experienced Internet marketer (learning and innovating since 1999)
∙ Specialization in project management, business strategy, and digital marketing
∙ Multi-passionate entrepreneur, local influencer, and travel & lifestyle blogger
∙ Speaker and subject matter expert at dozens of leadership and marketing conferences
Brand Manager
Boundary Pusher // Data Cruncher // The Big Picture
Motto: “Curiosity is more powerful than ambition.”
Likes: Instagram and bourbon cocktails
Dislikes: Ignorance and artificial messaging

∙ Graduate of Emily Carr University and BCIT
∙ Experienced public speaker, MC, and panel moderator
∙ Worked with businesses and brands around the world
∙ Has had work published in publications such as; NYT, Forbes, WSJ, C|Net, and more
∙ Seasoned marketer and creative director
∙ No alleyway or sunset shall go un-Instagrammed

Art Director
Creator // Designer // The Tall One
Motto: “Reality continues to ruin my life.” – Bill Watterson
Likes: Film Noir and Dinosaurs
Dislikes: The Lakers

∙ Has a Diploma in Film Production and BA in Communications, focusing on Pop Culture and New Media Studies.
∙ Artist, writer, comedian, tech lover and conceptual thinker
∙ Has written and produced two podcast series with listeners in over a dozen countries
∙ If you tweet him your favourite dinosaur, he will respond with a fact about that dinosaur
∙ Has had his artwork on display in popular Vancouver galleries

Senior Account + Project Manager
Communicator // Analyst // Quality Control
Motto: “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.”
Likes: Authenticity, fiddle leaf fig trees, and good hot sauce
Dislikes: When people don’t recycle
∙ Holds a Public Relations Certificate from SFU and a BA with a Major in English
∙ Has developed digital strategies for local and national clients
∙ Has blogged about dating and relationship advice for a dating website
∙ Will get all your Seinfeld, Frasier, and Friends references
∙ No dog shall go un-petted
Director of Digital Strategy
Small + Mighty // Adventurer // Yogi
Motto: Discover. Disrupt. Deliver.
Likes: Chocolate-peanut-butter-banana smoothies and 90’s hip hop
Dislikes: Disturbing movies
∙ Has worked on digital campaigns for LUSH, Cirque du Soleil, Hay House, Playland and more
∙ Has been an entrepreneur for 9 years
∙ Award-winning blogger, artist, writer and dancer
∙ Has been on a reality TV show (let’s leave that alone)
∙ Teaches meditation in offices and yoga in elementary schools
∙ Steady doing the scary things
Visual Content Lead
Bio upload in progress…
Community Manager
Relationship Builder // Detailist // Explorer
Motto: “All you need is love” – The Beatles
Likes: Paris, Melbourne, Revolver Coffee, Polka Dots
Dislikes: Things spilling on the table

∙ Graduated from UBC with BSc in Biochemistry
∙ Studied Digital Marketing at RED Academy
∙ 5 years of experience in account/project management and customer service
∙ Admitted into med school, but declined offer to pursue a career in the creative field
∙ Travels to discover the best macchiatos around the world
Community Manager
Inquisitive // Optimist // Bubbly
Motto: “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison
Likes: Latte Art & Perfect Pints
Dislikes: Melted ice cream
∙ Graduated from UBC with a BA in Psychology
∙ Started her journey in marketing as an intern with Popcorn
∙ Avid researcher on things to eat and places to visit
∙ Has plans on hitting up all the ice cream shops in Vancouver
∙ 5 years of experience in Customer Service
∙ Social media and marketing enthusiast