Popcorn’s Services

The most effective marketing efforts are the result of extensive research, brainstorming, and planning. Popcorn creates memorable, compelling communications strategies that make a measurable impact.


Whether you’re focused on targeting new leads, driving sales, or connecting with your audience, Popcorn can help achieve your goals. From email marketing to ad targeting to website optimization, our expert team will help you outpace your competition.


The digital landscape is increasingly dominated by visual content. Popcorn has a talented, in-house visual content team that can tackle photography, video, graphic design, illustration and everything in between. We’re serious about creative.


We’ve spent over 6 years at the front lines of client social media platforms. Our customer service processes, targeted audience growth techniques, and keyword monitoring set the industry standard for community management.


Collaborating with media, bloggers, and influencers is a powerful way to expand the reach of your messaging. Our connections and expertise in influencer marketing will get your brand noticed by the right people.


Tapping into traditional and new media is an effective way to reach a wide audience. We use digitally integrated campaigns, well-though-out placements, and compelling stories to keep your brand top-of-mind. Need ad buys and media kits? We do that too.

How we can work together

Whether you run a growing start-up or manage a mid-sized brand, Popcorn is an effective way to leverage the skill-set of a full marketing team without assuming the risk and responsibility of hiring a large marketing team. We take the time to learn about your customers and business so we can manage your marketing effforts as effectively as an in-house team.

The full scope of marketing activities can be overwhelming, even for companies with a marketing department in place. Popcorn integrates with your existing team to assist on elements such as strategy, community management, content creation, and more! Think of us as a multifaceted extention to your marketing team.

Your agency is busier than usual (congrats on that!) and you have campaigns to execute and channels to manage. We can help with that. Over the years, we’ve partnered with larger agencies to execute events, campaigns, and more at the high standards you demand.