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Mar 14, 2022
Full Time

Popcorn is a tight-knit team doing big things in the world of social marketing, and we’re looking for the perfect fit to help our business grow. You’re probably thinking that we forgot to change the title of this listing. We didn’t; we’re just handing the mic to you.

We understand how challenging it can be to find a digital marketing role that’s a great fit; particularly if you’re looking for a diverse position that enables you to develop a variety of skills and grow in more than one direction.

If you’re a natural communicator who possesses an entrepreneurial spirit, understands the power of digital marketing  and public relations, takes initiative in a fast-paced environment and are results-driven by nature: we want to hear from you. We’re giving you the chance to have a say in your recruitment process.

The application process is simple. All we ask is that you write your own job description, (complete with title, roles and responsibilities, essential skills and salary), submit your resume and tell us (in no more than 300 words) how you’d be a great addition to our team.

Please apply if…

  • You’re a creative and motivated person who is passionate about social media, marketing, and advertising.
  • You love great food, the arts, building communities, and are ready to move into a full-time role connecting with clients and bringing their vision(s) to life
  • You are well-versed in current and emerging digital marketing and social media platforms
  • You have great communication skills, a sense of humour, respond well to constructive criticism, and you love being part of the creative marketing process
  • You’re detail-oriented. If you’ve read this listing thoroughly you’ll know to include your favourite flavour of Popcorn in the subject line of your application email.

We offer a flexible work environment in which working from our Vancouver office is only required from Tuesdays-Thursdays. Otherwise, there is complete flexibility to work remotely on Mondays/Fridays. Please send your application to


JOB TITLE: <insert job title here> (Full-Time)


  • <enter role/responsibility here>
  • <enter role/responsibility here>
  • <enter role/responsibility here>
  • <enter role/responsibility here>
  • <enter role/responsibility here
  • <enter role/responsibility here>

Skill Requirements:


  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Some previous experience in a digital / social media marketing role
  • Ability to manage a wide variety of time-sensitive tasks, efficiently
  • Incredibly organized
  • Self-motivated and ambitious
  • <enter essential skill requirement here>


  • $<insert salary here>
  • <insert number here> weeks of paid vacation per year to start
  • Competitive health and dental benefits
  • Education and training reimbursement program
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