Purdy's Chocolatier

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Purdys Chocolatier is synonymous with being a great Canadian chocolatier. With over 100 years in the business, their history is as rich as their premium chocolates. Originally founded in Vancouver, they now have over eighty locations across Canada.

Services Offered

Social media strategy, campaign development and management; content creation and influencer marketing.

The Objective

When Purdys Chocolatier reached out to Popcorn, they were lacking a cohesive social media strategy and a consistent look and feel across their various digital and social channels. They wanted higher quality lifestyle and product imagery that would appeal to a younger demographic, content to drive sales and more influencers and tastemakers engaging with them on a regular basis.

What We Did

We developed strategies for their new and existing social media channels and executed a number of seasonal campaigns throughout the year. We also worked with dozens of bloggers and influencers from across Canada to help increase their brand awareness and visibility amongst a younger demographic.


Within one year, Popcorn was able to grow Purdys’ Instagram following to nearly 18,000 followers and their Facebook audience to over 121,000 Likes. The thoughtful and high-quality content we produced increased their reach and engagement by over 50%. The most notable measure of success was with sales: sales from social media rose by 85% and average customer order size grew by 44%. Purdys tripled their annual revenue from social media – going from $20,000 to $60,000 within 1 year.

Statement from Michelle Harper, National Marketing Manager for Purdys:

“Popcorn feels like they’re part of our internal team, don’t get flustered by last minute changes or adaptations we need to make to our day to day programming and are fast to respond to anything questions/comments. They’re overall a fun, professional, extremely pleasant group to work with. They’re open to new ideas, come up with playful, creative suggestions, and are able to understand our goals, tone of voice and customer service approach very quickly.”