Nest Design

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Vancouver-based Nest Designs is a baby sleepwear company for modern families hoping to welcome a new bundle of joy into their lives without compromising on style or function. Their collections are made with a special muslin blend of bamboo and cotton making it breathable and luxuriously soft for little ones.

Services Offered

Digital marketing campaign management.

The Objective

Our objective was to plan and execute a social media ad campaign to grow Nest Designs’ online audience and increase brand awareness all whilst driving website traffic and e-commerce sales.

What We Did

We conducted a paid media strategy using Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest ads. We targeted custom, lookalike and retarget audiences aligning with Nest Designs’ desired customer profiles. By testing a variety of ad creatives and copy and monitoring the campaigns on a weekly basis, we were able to maximize the client’s ad budget and drive online sales.


Our strategy of attracting users throughout the buyer’s journey resulted in an 894% return on ad spend in only two months. The total revenue generated from an $8,000 ad spend budget was $71,514.95.