Better Than Bouillon

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Better Than Bouillon concentrated paste food bases are made primarily from meat, seafood, or vegetables. This gives them a richer and more natural flavor than ordinary bouillon cubes or granules. Their product lines can be found in Safeways, Sobeys, Loblaws, Walmart, Whole Foods across the country.

Services Offered

Public relations and influencer marketing.

The Objective
  • We were contracted by Better Than Bouillon’s national distributor to develop and execute an influencer campaign within 6 weeks. They had never done an influencer campaign before so we helped to establish the following campaign objectives:Increase brand awareness in Ontario, specifically Toronto
  • Increase online conversation and buzz about Better Than Bouillon Canada (#BTBCanada)
  • Increase sales of Better Than Bouillon products
  • Increase traffic to the recipe section of Better Than Bouillon website
What We Did

We worked with 4 Toronto bloggers who had substantial followings on social media. Each blogger was given 3 different flavours to try and they were asked to create an original recipe using the product. Influencers then shared their recipes on their blogs, promoted the recipes across their social channels and conducted prize giveaways for their readers and followers.


The chosen influencers had a total combined reach of 181,600 people on Instagram and influencer blog posts had a total estimated reach of 750,000 readers. The content shared garnered 6,150 total engagements – likes, comments and shares – among a variety of audiences. Retail sales of Better Than Bouillon increased by 57% in Ontario during the one month campaign period.