April 21, 2020
Patricia Morris

The Popcorn team understands the importance of ensuring that we’re up to date with emerging trends, digital marketing news stories and platform updates. During our weekly team meeting we each highlight an interesting article or news story. In this weekly blog feature, we’ll share our interesting findings of the week with you!


Schraeder, P. (2020, April 21), “Why contextual targeting is the future of digital advertising” – Ad Age

Data is fast becoming one of the most valuable commodities on the planet. Government officials across the world are recognising this and putting acts in place to protect citizens personal data. At the start of this year, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was brought into effect: and this is just the beginning. By January 2022, Chrome, Safari and Firefox web browsers will be eliminating third-party cookies. This article serves as a warning: we mustn’t rely solely on retargeting, but instead must create contextually appropriate ad content and restrategize based on fast-approaching limitations.

Have you ever had an ad that just seemed to follow you around the entire internet? Will you be happy to see the back of third-party cookies?

Hutchinson, A. (2020, April 21) “Facebook Tests Adaptive Color Backgrounds for Profiles” – Social Media Today

Social Media Today is coming in hot with the update you never knew you wanted or needed until now: Facebook is testing out a new coloured background option for the mobile app! The update takes the predominant colour in your profile picture and uses it as an anchor colour for the rest of your profile. Woop Woop! Facebook has previously tested a few updates that include changes in profile colour, but none have successfully been rolled out for the masses.

Are you interested in having a colourful Facebook profile? Could this be what’s currently missing from your online life? Could this be the action that prompts you to go back to Facebook?

Patel, N. (2020, April 20) “5 Unusual Hacks to Convert More Inbound Traffic into Customers #1358 (Podcast) – Neil Patel’s Digital Marketing Blog

In just seven short minutes, Neil Patel shares some handy hacks on how to convert more inbound traffic into customers. Some key takeaways from this short and sweet podcast are:

  • Create survey funnels – survey people to get more information on them, then you can funnel them based on their responses into different campaigns (
  • To create a hyper-personalized experience for emails, use PicSnippet to dynamically personalize images to increase clicks and conversions (i.e. integrating the person’s name into the picture – who doesn’t love seeing their name?)
  • Everywhere retargeting – instead of retargeting people for lead purposes or sales, reach people and give them more content to build a relationship with them. Then, try to convert them into a lead. It’s more cost-effective.

Adams, P. (2020, April 17) “How coronavirus could usher in a new era of brand purpose” – Marketing Dive

Before the uncertainty caused by Coronavirus, Brand Purpose was already gaining traction as a means of connecting with consumers at a deeper level. We’re seeing an increase in brand loyalty towards organisations who are doing their part to help their customers/communities at this time. People would rather spend their hard-earned money with brands that have a history of championing a cause and are committed to offering tangible solutions over the long term, rather than with those that partake in sporadic PR “stunts”. Additionally, people will soon expect brands to not only be a better version of themselves but also help towards bettering society too.

Johnson, Z. (2020, April 20) “Seven tips to sharpen your writing skills and copywriting technique” – Search Engine Watch

Now is the perfect time to refine your skillset and equip yourself with up to date tips and tricks to improve your technique. This article gives seven super actionable exercises to aid in sharpening your writing and copywriting skills. This useful list includes advice such as: read aloud, write for different audiences and practice being direct.

Do you read your work aloud? When writing content for your website or blog, are you always sure to keep the target audience in mind?

Moore, P. (2020, April 21) “7 Top Digital Marketing Strategies in 2020 that Drive Bold Results” – Business 2 Community

We’re living in a time where more people than ever are online, even industries and businesses that have been slow to adapt to online media have been forced to communicate with their customers online. This piece highlights seven digital marketing strategies that will drive results and help your brand compete in a competitive and noisy space. My favourite of the tips is: Be Human Centric, I am moved by brands that are led by approachable and engaging individuals.  

Are you tired of stale digital marketing tactics? We are too! Get in touch with us; we’d love to discuss an updated 2020 digital strategy with you.

In summary, in the same way that platform algorithms change, all that we know about data policy is also liable to change at any time and force us to unlearn everything we know and restrategize. As we get more comfortable with the new normal, now is a great time to refine our skillsets with a little and often approach. We mustn’t rely on a set it and forget it approach; we must ensure that we’re continually remaining current and fresh with our overarching, data-driven digital marketing strategies.