August 26, 2022
Shaan Coelho

In the heart of Canada's bustling business sector, Popcorn has emerged not just as a leader in its industry but as a beacon of workplace culture excellence. We’re a people-first company, invested in the continuous growth and development of the people that make the choice to dedicate their time and energy to our organization. It’s a tremendous honour and one we don’t take lightly, especially because this certification wasn’t top down, but rather bottom up. The team at the Canadian Workplace Culture Index surveyed our employees and their responses led to this certification. The voices of our team, their perspective and their experiences at Popcorn are what makes this award really worth it.

Popcorn achieved a monumental milestone by getting its workplace culture certified, placing it ahead of an impressive 91% of organizations nationwide. This achievement is a testament to the vibrant and nurturing environment that Popcorn has cultivated, setting a new standard for what a great company culture looks like.

The certification process delved into six critical areas: Workplace Satisfaction, Company Cares, Diversity & Inclusion, Information & Recognition, Employee Connection, and Loyalty. Popcorn didn't just participate; it excelled, showcasing its commitment to creating a workspace that isn't just about work but about fostering a supportive and inclusive community.

At the core of Popcorn's success is an astonishing 88% score in Workplace Satisfaction, indicating that employees aren't just content; they're genuinely happy and engaged with their roles. This satisfaction stems from a deep-seated belief in the company's mission and the meaningful connections employees have with their work and each other.

A standout feature of Popcorn's culture is its approach to caring for its employees, evidenced by an 83% score in the Company Cares category. Popcorn understands that its strength lies in its team, and it goes above and beyond to ensure that every member feels valued, supported, and integral to the company's success.

Diversity and Inclusion are more than just buzzwords at Popcorn; they're pillars of the company's identity. With a remarkable 95% score in this area, Popcorn has created an environment where everyone, regardless of background or identity, feels welcomed and appreciated for their unique contributions. This commitment to inclusivity not only enriches the company's culture but drives innovation and creativity.

Information flow and recognition are also areas where Popcorn shines, with an 82% score. The company ensures that every team member has the resources and information they need to excel, and it doesn't shy away from celebrating achievements, big and small. This transparency and appreciation make employees feel like they're part of something bigger, contributing to a shared mission.

Employee Connection and Loyalty scores of 92% and 63%, respectively, reflect a workplace where people genuinely enjoy coming to work. The bonds formed within the team go beyond professional relationships, creating a sense of community and belonging. This strong sense of connection translates into loyalty, with employees deeply invested in the company's success and future.

Popcorn's journey to becoming a certified great workplace is not just about the accolades or the scores. It's about building a culture that values every individual, encourages growth, and fosters a sense of belonging. As Popcorn continues to lead by example, it offers a blueprint for other Canadian companies aspiring to create a truly inclusive and supportive work environment. The message is clear: at Popcorn, it's not just about the work; it's about creating a space where everyone can thrive, grow, and contribute to something extraordinary.