Monday Mashup: It’s all about the numbers.


If you’re thinking this week’s Mashup is about analytics – well, you’re partly right. Being able to measure the affects you have on social media platforms is important after all! However, we’ll also be talking about 5 mistakes to avoid on various social media channels, 5 tips on using hastags, the number of times you should upload posts and the amount of $$$ a logo can make you. Let the counting begin!


New Facebook Marketing research shows what works:

Five noteworthy Facebook findings according to Social Media Examiner suggests that users are increasingly going mobile and paid ads actually help with reach and post performance. Keep reading to find out what the highest CTR (click-through rate) content on Facebook is.

How do you guys feels about Facebook paid ads? Isn’t Facebook a platform for us to essentially promote stuff freely?

amy-icon Amy: When companies use Facebook ads to really target the right market, I think it’s great! I actually enjoy getting sent towards pages that offer me things that I would like to use or know about. The times when these ads don’t work, is when a generic product is blasted out to everyone and anyone. I don’t have a dog, so I have no need to see a doggy daycare ad every day on my feed. It just gets annoying and feels irrelevant. Lesson: Remember to use ads to target the right market. You may get fewer likes, but the likes will come from individuals that really do have an interest in your brand.


Is too much of something bad enough?

The amount of times you should update in a day are tricky depending on what platform you’re using (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook). Read this short little article on what is considered appropriate and then decide for yourself!


5 Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media

So much to do, and even more to not do on social media! Check out 5 tips on what should be avoided to make your social media voyage a breeze. (Hint: failing to prepare we prepare to fail.)


5 Tips for Hashtags

More 5’s! Positives this time. 5 much needed tips on using hashtags so you aren’t #doingitwrong.

What are some of the best hashtags you’ve seen and what are some that have completely failed?What are some of the best hashtags you’ve seen and what are some that have completely failed?

amy-icon Amy: All I have to say is #Keepitshortandsweet. If your hashtag is to serve a purpose, keep it short and memorable so people will use it. I also personally enjoy the long and silly ones as well like  #WhatWould2ChainzSay. Keep it straightforward, or creative. Both win!


Infographic pick of the week: Behind the Logo

Ever wonder what’s behind the making of a good logo? Look no further because this Infographic shows you the ropes on how colour, font and the designer make a logo truly impactful.

Fun question!: What’s your favourite logo and why? 

              amy-icon Amy: I love logos that are simple. If we are talking local, Meat and Bread is a great example.  AND as much as I hate to admit it, MEC has actually made a smart branding decision with their new logo (despite the controversy). They explain it well. The original logo with the mountains makes sense to those of us living on the West Coast, but less sense as the brand moves its products globally. Many people use their products within an urban environment and they needed to bring their logo to a place where it made sense to all of their customers, and not just us. It’s easy to get attached to a brand’s logo, but I think this was a good move. Again, a simple logo that gets the message across.


Until next Monday, that’s all for this week’s Mashup!